'Diamond Dancers' 24h x 60w", hand embellished, limited edition giclée (95) $2350 (plus applicable taxes & shipping)

20 Jan, 2015

“The bright mud bank, low tide and marsh grasses all play a prominent role in the painting, but the winter sunlight makes this an extra special moment as it dances like diamonds across the water,” explained Kenevan, recalling the very instant he captured the scene. It’s the latest piece from this poet with a paintbrush who thrives at chronicling the sea with a passion.

“In this big rat race of life, so many people simply can’t take the time to stop to see the special moments happening all around them,” Simon noted. “My goal and passion is to stoke the emotions and special memories we all have experienced at sea and along the beach. ‘Diamond Dancers’ is all about reminding us of what it’s like to have the waves lapping at our toes and the sparkling sun dancing at our feet.”

Paul Sims interview Nov. 2014